Newlyweds Cassie and Jeremy Palmer seem to be living perfect lives until a car crash leaves Cassie fighting for her life. Jeremy's own frightening journey begins when he meets Denise, one of Cassie's nurses. He may no longer remember her, but she has neither forgiven, nor forgotten, how he jilted her, years before. Denise seeks revenge, and as Cassie struggles to recover, an unexpected visitor tells her things aren't as they appear. Available on Amazon, Barnes&, and 

"People read fiction to vicariously experience life outside of their own reality."

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Gillian Matthews is becoming famous in the art world, but in spite her success, one thing has eluded her; true love. That all changes when a man from her past suddenly reappears. Her long-lost true love. Will Gillian finally have a second chance for happiness? Available on Amazon, Barnes&, BooksaMillion and

Emily St. Claire's life turns upside down when she discovers that her husband, Jesse, has been unfaithful to her. Determined to rebuild her life, she leaves Jesse to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a concert pianist. As Jesse fights to win her back, Emily's world will be shattered once again when an unforeseen tragedy forces Jesse into an unholy alliance with potentially deadly consequences. Available on Amazon, Barnes&, and

A series of misfortunes has left photographer Carrie Daniels penniless. When Louise, her former mentor steps, forward with an offer to model for a private commission, Carrie has no choice but to accept. But when the new man in her life isn't who he appears to be, and Louise's photos fall into the wrong hands, an old friend from her past will try to save her from ruin. Available on Amazon, Barnes&, and

Rachel Bennett attended her ten-year high school reunion on a whim, but fate intervened once she saw Shane MacLeod. Her perfect evening, however, will end when another man from her past suddenly reappears. Craig Walker had been her mentor until he became jealous of her talent and success. Now he intends to have her, or destroy her at all costs. Available on Amazon, Barnes&, and